Ideas on the Fleurieu arose out of the inaugural 2017 Fleurieu Future Leaders Program, when twenty diverse participants, ranging in age from 18-55, came together to learn and share ideas.


















We were surprised and delighted to discover that although our personal goals varied, we were united around a common vision for the Fleurieu region. Winemakers, farmers, policy professionals, writers, publishers, small business owners, IT specialists, real-estate agents, bakers, accountants, public and private sector professionals - all of us were passionate about ensuring that the Fleurieu remains vibrant and sustainable.


When we were asked to share our vision for the Fleurieu in 2050, these are the themes that emerged:

  • retain and strengthen distinct village identities,

  • preserve our coastal and agrarian landscapes, 

  • sustainable urban and housing design,

  • innovation and entrepreneurship, 

  • collaboration and cooperation,

  • culture of mutual learning and continual growth, 

  • world-class health and education, 

  • environmental sustainability, 

  • global tourism destination 

  • world-class food, wine and arts

  • strong, united regional Fleurieu identity

We gained so much from working outside of traditional silos and discovering the power of collective work around a shared ideal. Ideas on the Fleurieu has been created to share this experience with others. We want to shine a light on all the good work already happening on the Fleurieu. We want to unite our communities around a strong vision for a prosperous and sustainable region, into the future. And we want to work together to make that vision a reality.


We want to:

  • Empower the Community

  • Foster a strong regional identity and sense of belonging

  • Find common ground

  • Inspire curiosity

  • Develop a shared vision for the future of the Fleurieu region

  • Encourage dialogue and debate (we don't have to agree on everything!)

  • Honour the good work already being done

  • Identify priorities for future civic action

  • Strengthen community networks and working relationships

  • Build a culture of connection, learning, and mobilisation for the public good


Join us!

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