This is where we share all the awesome ideas that people are posting on our beautiful big Fleurieu Map. We bring it to all our events and it will be holidaying in different cafes, restaurants and public places around the Fleurieu throughout 2018/19. Make sure to share your ideas if you come across it.


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Ideas in Winter, Inkwell Wines, McLaren Vale - 6 June 2018

  • The Aldinga Arts Eco Village

  • Homegrain Bakery

  • The Onkaparing Youth Enterprise Hub!

  • Bronson Lavers

  • Fleurieu Living Magazine

  • AusOcean

Ideas in Autumn, Thunderbird Restaurant, Port Elliot, 6 March 2018

  • The Ambulance Service

  • Campbell Haigh

  • Trees for life

  • Hindmarsh Island Landcare - 500,000th plant

  • Surf Lifesaving SA

  • Natural Resources Centre

  • Alexandrina Council and Fleurieu Tourism

  • The Green Room Willunga

  • Willunga Wanderers (fundraising for the Hutt Street Centre)

  • Fleurieu Living Magazine Rocks!

  • The Strand Gallery supporting junior art shows across all schools

  • Olfactory Inn - Strathalbyn

  • Flat to Vale Trail Community Group

  • Willunga Farmers Market

  • Business Victor Harbour

  • Sculptures by the Sea

  • Bendigo Community Bank

  • Cittaslow 

  • Claire Byrt - Project Work Life and Love Local Fleurieu events

  • Homegrain bakery



Ideas in Winter, Inkwell Wines, McLaren Vale - 6 June 2018

  • The Open Ocean x 2

  • Beaches, food, wine, landscape, community, affordability

  • The collaboration and business opportunities for the community

  • Roadside vegetation wildlife corridors


Ideas in Autumn, Thunderbird Restaurant, Port Elliot, 6 March 2018

  • Wide open spaces, rural lifestyle, family/community feeling

  • Community support, shared goals, mutual love of the environment

  • An incredible food bowl, amazing produce and beautiful wines

  • The landscape and the people

  • Living in paradise: sea, vineyards and great local produce

  • Good urban planning

  • Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot

  • The big sandpit at Qahwa, Victor Harbour

  • Beautiful views and lovely people

  • Feeling of community and consideration for the environment

  • Great schools

  • The beaches of course and the laidback lifestyle on offer

  • The people and agriculture

  • Pasture raised local produce - normal farm chickens

  • The sunsets, the rainbows, the sky, the colours

  • The special feeling of the Willunga basin

  • People, climate, blue sky

  • Coastline and watching the waves break from behind driving from Port Elliot to Middleton

  • Beach + Wine

  • Nippers



Ideas in Winter, Inkwell Wines, McLaren Vale - 6 June 2018

  • Fleurieu distribution agent. Export and National. Not-for-profit with money given back to the community

  • Innovation and co-working hub

  • Urban Infill - a sustainable option for subdivision in reference to Damian Madigan

  • Re-establish Fleurieu shellfish reefs

  • Close beaches for beach nesting birds

  • A network established to harvest both wild and cultivated olives so that they don't escape into the environment

  • Get local businesses to support each other around delivery, promotion and distribution interstate

  •  A community oriented British style pub for locals to socialise and network with each other. Somewhere where families are welcome, there is good well-priced food and music by local musicians

  • Get real about the future of our kids

  • Organic public parks

  • Sex education for teens

  • Places to go for teens (not McDonalds)

  • One council for the whole Fleurieu

Ideas in Autumn, Thunderbird Restaurant, Port Elliot, 6 March 2018

  • Bowling Alley

  • Fleurieu Fine Food Festival - Winter Event

  • Tourism Hub at Langhorne Creek - attract more visitors to this special region

  • Reinstate a rail service from Adelaide to the Fleurieu

  • Centre of Biodynamic Learning

  • Road underpass for wildlife

  • Nature playground /  waterpark

  • Fast light rail from Goolwa via Port Elliot to Victor on existing track

  • Closed street party - either North Tce or The Strand, Port Elliot

  • Market in High Street, Willunga

  • Goolwa Beach pub with view, affordable community venue

  • No more subdivisions

  • Artificial reef to attract fishermen

  • Kid friendly pub at Aldinga Beach

  • More art, less government

  • Kmart

  • Edible streetscapes

  • Tramway/driverless car from the Strand to Horseshoe Bay, Port Elliot

  • Plant more trees

  • Make an Adventure Park

  • Build on the strength of the McLaren Vale brand to promote the region

  • More beachside venues to sit and enjoy our amazing coastline e.g. bar, restaurant, pop-ups

  • Focus on nature (beach and walks) in addition to food and wine

  • One Fleurieu Council

  • Fleurieu Festival

  • Music Festival for Finniss/Goolwa

  • Wine bar open at night for the ladies

  • More bike tracks

  • Social gathering hub where people can engage in conversation and ideas

  • Fleurieu chapter of the Awesome Foundation

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