After spending most of my working life in Melbourne as an academic and policy adviser in the urban water sector, I returned to my home town of Willunga in 2011, drawn by green acres, sea views and grandparents.

As a regular contributor to Fleurieu Living Magazine, I have been fortunate to meet and learn from inspiring people from all corners of our beautiful region. Participating in the 2017 Fleurieu Future Leaders Program affirmed for me the power of diverse people coming together to grow their ideas and dreams in a supportive environment. Ideas on the Fleurieu is my way of sharing that experience with the broader Fleurieu Community.

My day job is in strategic planning at City of Onkaparinga. There are so many exciting opportunities for improving the ways we design our towns and cities so that they are more liveable and sustainable and I love working collaboratively with people from across community, government and the private sector to try and make this happen. I'm also passionate about by my work with Resilient South, a group of councils from southern Adelaide working together to prepare our region for changes in our climate.


A mum to two lovely girls, I returned to live in Goolwa Beach eight years ago drawn back to my childhood home by the pull of family and my husband's passion for surfing. The natural landscapes and relaxed lifestyle of the South Coast give me the breathing space I need to happily embrace the career/mama/wife/friend/leftie do-gooder juggle. 


A passionate believer in the power of people coming together to speak up and care for the places they love, my values-driven career path has taken me from private legal practice to the NGO sector, federal politics and now local government where I work as an environmental and strategic planner. Big ideas make the world go round and I'm so excited to hear yours!


A UK native, my wife Lisa (from Brisbane) and I moved to McLaren Vale in 2004, drawn by the lifestyle offered by the Fleurieu.

We had spent six years living in London together but Australia as our home was always on the agenda. Having worked in hospitality, wine was a passion and I decided to return to University and study Winemaking & Viticulture before our return. After working five vintages for a local McLaren Vale winery and making some small parcels of wine, I decided to follow my dream of starting a small premium wine label and WayWood was born.

We focus on Mediterranean alternative varieties which I see as a perfect fit with the produce and lifestyle the region has to offer. In 2014, we opened our Cellar. Lisa also embraced her second ego and Luscious Red Kitchen was born, exploring her passion for food by creating a small menu of tapas plates sourced predominantly from local producers to partner our wines.

In 2015, we bought our dream 10-acre property, including 5 acres of vineyard from which we also host guests in our luxury accommodation. We are moving towards our dream of offering guests visiting our region a unique Fleurieu experience to help show off its beauty, community, produce and our special lifestyle.

Media Producer 

Davide is originally from Italy. In 2017, he moved with his wife Michelle to Adelaide, after completing his PhD in Conservation Biology at the University of Cape Town. Davide has a contagious passion for the natural world and for sharing it with others. As an environmental scientist, photographer and filmmaker, he advocates for the natural connection between ecosystems, encompassing the natural world and the people within it. Davide embraces values and behaviours focused upon nature protection and sustainability. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that, as soon as Davide “landed” in the Fleurieu Peninsula, he joined the Ideas on the Fleurieu team from its early development as Media Producer.

Davide runs Riccio Blu video production and recently launched Frame The South, a platform showcasing the beauty of our peninsula. Davide is always on the lookout for new great ideas, so watch this space!


In my early years, post schooling, I started a custom Sailboard manufacturing business through the 1980’s and into the early 90’s - my first foray into private business and a steep learning curve. I have memories and lessons from that time that I still use to this day.

Fast forward to now – Pridham Viticulture. We have been in operation and servicing the viticultural and horticultural sectors for 25 years. Our business began by recognising a need for organised labour crews and then grew into machinery, land management and consulting services. In the past five years, we entered into the retail space and specialise in a few key horticultural brands.

We are essentially a family business and have survived for over 30 years in various stages. It’s been an interesting journey and remains so. Adaptability and foresight have become our focus to develop our personal and business skills. Fulfilment and enjoyment are underlying needs we strive for, a strategy we use to face stress and deal with it.

What do I like? Working so I can afford my bucket list that continues to grow. The future is an adventure ahead of us! 


I spent a rambling childhood growing up on a farm in New South Wales, so it’s no wonder I ended up calling the gorgeous Fleurieu Peninsula, my home!  I love living in the Fleurieu with its stunning surrounds, passionate and innovative community members, award winning wines and beaches - it’s perfect!


I’m a lifelong learner, and collector of valuable experiences; from developing economic and community programs to leading marketing and stakeholder management in sectors such as higher education, FMCG and government.  Working in different roles has provided fantastic opportunities to meet and be inspired by so many talented people.  

After 20 years of full-time work, I am re-writing my work-life-balance; taking on part-time work in economic development, consulting to a small business and creating space for creative pursuits. The unique liveability of the Fleurieu enables this balance, and it’s what drives me to be part of the growth of our region.

Ideas on the Fleurieu connects good ideas with good people, and as 2017 Co-Chair of the Mclaren Vale Harvest Festival, I saw many benefits that come from like-minded people coming together and achieving great things. I’m inspired and excited to be part of the team. Let’s do this!

Craig Cooper

Craig joined Ideas on the Fleurieu after being invited to be a Keynote Listener at our 2019 Youth Festival, Hello Fleurieu!


For the past four years, Craig has worked for the City of Onkaparinga as Coordinator of the Studio 20 Youth Centre building community networks and delivering innovative youth programs that nurture leadership whilst building resilience for our young people to thrive. He believes that engaging and seeking constructive conversations align with a community that values a nurturing future, so young people can carry on a culture that values inter-generational narratives that are sustainable.

Craig has been fortunate to work in a diverse range of community projects spanning 25 years both in government and private business. A large part of his work has been within aboriginal community arts and culture, environment/natural resources, community development and recreation/health. 

Growing up on the Fleurieu Peninsula surfing the local beaches and walking the trails, Craig has enjoyed a healthy lifestyle and encourages a green and clean lifestyle for communities to thrive and enjoy all the natural beauties of our region. He is a life-member of a local surf lifesaving club and has two grown up children who were schooled in the region. He also has his own business in men's well-being and business coaching which aligns with his values around empowering people and place. Craig believes that young people are awesome and epic in the energy they bring, and this needs to be a core value in what we define as a successful & sustainable society. Craig also strongly believes we need to teach our young people to connect with their hands, heart and heads.

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